I'm Confident You'll Love This Blog

Startups are always in a tricky spot. Are they a business or are they an idea? Well, it’s really up to the creator of the startup and whether they hold one of the most important skills in the business community. 

Confidence is what sets your business apart from a project. Are you confident that your business has a key differentiator that sets you apart from any competitor on the market? Are you confident that you are the right person to take this venture on? Are you confident in the future success of your business? If you answered yes to these questions, you’re already one step ahead of many other startups.

At the beginning, and I mean very beginning before Green Cup was Green Cup. In the days that Ozzy was still blending cups in a garage (If you don’t know this story, be sure to ask when you run into us next. It’s a knee slapper) it wasn’t confidence that pushed us forward, but it was a motivation to finish what we started. To eliminate coffee cup waste. Once we formed a business model that actually made sense, that’s when the confidence kicked in. We were confident because we knew what we were working on was sustainable. We also knew that if anyone was going to make Green Cup work, it would be us.

Since then, our confidence has held on. We are no longer a startup, but we never really had the mindset of a startup to begin with. We had a time when we thought we were a project, sure. But that was the idea stage. The idea stage is difficult to get your mind out of, but it’s an important step to take. Once you design a sustainable business model, you should already have the mindset of a business owner. Because whatever you do from then on out, it’s going to connect to your business somehow. Your confidence in knowing this and your overall confidence in your business is a large factor in your success, not only for how you’re viewed from the outside in, but to continually remind yourself that what you’re doing is amazing and will be a great success.